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it keeps saying it cannot access my external storage

heaven , 07.10.2011, 18:33

it saying i need to unmount from computer and im not hooked up to one...????

trish, 07.03.2012, 13:51

cant save to my gallery?? did first few times now wont work? tried unmounting memory card plus switching phone off/on..any ideas?

ray, 17.02.2012, 18:32

after the last update I cannot save the pics I get error message unable to save please unmount your sd from computer

sadiq, 17.02.2012, 14:33

When i try to save a photo to my gallery an error pops up telling me to unmount my device from my computer and try again. The thing is im not hooked up to my computer. if i can't save them i dont want the app, what is horable is this is my FAVORITE

Ashley , 17.02.2012, 06:37

Cant access external storage

I can't use the app at all anymore, it say can't acces external storage. Please unmount device from your computer. What is the problem? I don't have it hooked to a computer. My phone is a Samsung SCH R880. Can anyone please fix this problem?

Rhonda, 11.02.2012, 07:33

Everyone I pick an effect with face detection it gives me error stating could not access sd card and unplug from pc. It's not plugged in to a pc so what is the solution? Droid X

BJ7BJ7, 07.01.2012, 16:54
Response from the site administrator
Nataliya, 23.03.2012
This bug is supposed to be fixed. If you still experience this problem, please contact providing your message with the name of your device name, Android OS version and describing your actions before the bug occurred.
Idea status: completed


Rhonda, 11.02.2012, 07:13
I keep getting the exact same error. Did they come up with a solution yet? I can't even use the app at all. It sucks, please fix.
Ted, 18.02.2012, 18:23
I have the samsung nexus and since your last update I get an error message
that it cannot find my sd card. Nexus does not have an sd card. It uses internal memory.
If unable to fix soon, I'll uninstall.

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